European Cancer Nursing Day – 2018

Thousands of cancer nurses across Europe will mark European Cancer Nursing Day (ECND) on 18 May 2018, with celebrations taking place in cancer centres from Sweden to Slovakia and Ireland to Estonia.

This important day in the cancer nursing calendar, organised by the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS), is underpinned with some very strong message and objectives.

ECND2018 is calling for high-level recognition of the unique contribution of cancer nursing across Europe and focuses on the importance of education and training to support it as a recognised speciality.

To this end, ECND2018 has two major highlights:

The event at the European Parliament – attended by MEPs Against Cancer, patient representatives and the EONS Board – will share powerful data gathered in Stage 2 of the RECaN project from four European countries (Estonia, Germany, Netherlands, UK) where nursing is at different stages of development.

The new Cancer Nursing Education Framework is a modular learning tool that will help cancer nurses across Europe build knowledge and practical expertise to a recognised professional standard, measured by the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Both the Framework and the event at the European Parliament are important steps on the way to full recognition of the value and contribution of oncology nursing.

You and your colleagues can play your part by joining in our social media campaign and posting pictures in #ECND2018 on 18 May. This mini-site will give you all the tools and information you need to be fully involved in European Cancer Nursing Day 2018.

Finally, together we are stronger, so why not use this special event to encourage a friend or colleague to join EONS today!

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