1st European Cancer Nursing Day

Some of these nurses will have been educated highly and feel valued for their contribution, and can work as valued partners within a multi-disciplinary team, however, some will not.

The nurses whose roles are recognised may enjoy a rewarding and interesting career, whilst those without recognition may never enjoy the same career opportunities.

European cancer nurses become members of EONS for its sense of community and support. Today is about saying to politicians, health ministers, healthcare managers and those whose job it is to improve cancer outcomes- please recognise and value the work of the nurses in your service because without them your goals may never become reality.

Nurses co-ordinate, deliver and evaluate the care for people living with cancer and today is about recognising this contribution.

As a sometimes scarce (and becoming scarcer in some places) but valuable resource within the European health economy, nurses are at the forefront of cancer care and we must ensure that we pay them, support their career development and recognise their unique knowledge.

We can do this by recognising the value of cancer nursing and European Cancer Nursing Day is only the start in our ambition to achieve this goal for all cancer nurses.’

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